Construction Stage

The first thing to do in the construction stage is to build the frame that will hold the LED’s. Originally I was going to make small frame that would fit on smart phones and tablets but on the day I decided to increase the frame size so that it can be place behind computer monitors as well. A holder will run along the mid section of the frame and this is where the the phone and tablet will be placed.

Making the Frame

Joining the foam pieces to make frame

To make the frame I first had to measure and cut down the foam so that it can accommodate a strip of 12 LED’s. I also marked out some guides for where the LED’s will be placed so that they stay in a straight line. (The measurements I used were rough so you have to use custom measurements depending on the length of your LED strip). Once all the measurements were done, I cut down and stuck the LED strip along the foam cut-out’s making sure the LED’s follow each other in the direction of the arrows (this is important the strips follow the direction of the arrows). The next step after this would be to solder the wires to the LED pins using wires with a good enough length. Since I was using pre-soldered LED strips from a previous project I didn’t have to go through this stage again.


When all the LED related wiring is completed, use the hot glue gun to glue the edges of the horizontally running foam pieces and stick them to the ones running vertically and until you get something that looks like the image down below.

Final frame result


Once the frame held solid, cut the extra wire from the ends on the LED’s and connect them to the connecting LED wires. They should look something like the image below.

Example from different source

Make sure you leave the wires of your beginning LED strips as these will be connected to the Arduino and the V5 power source.


how my frame and LED set up looks like



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